(i)  SUBJECTIVE PART is to be attempted on separate answer book.

(ii) Attempt ONLY FOUR questions from SUBJECTIVE PART by selecting TWO questions from each SECTION. ALL questions carry EQUAL marks.

(iii) All the parts (if any) of each Question must be attempted at one place instead of at different places.

(iv)  Write Q. No. in the Answer Book in accordance with Q. No. in the Q. Paper.

(v)  No Page/Space be left blank between the answers. All the blank pages of Answer Book must be crossed.

(vi)   Extra attempt of any question or any part of the question will not be considered.



Question No. 2.

  1. Why water molecule is angular in structure? Explain bonding in water molecule.

  2. How does a mobile phone work?

  3. Differentiate between RAM and ROM.

  4. What are black holes? How they are formed?

Question No. 3.

  1. Liver is a chief chemist. Comment.

  2. Write a note on balanced diet.

  3. What are LEDs? Explain the concept of Potential Barrier and Depletion Region.

  4. What is GPS? How satellite is launched?

Question No. 4.

  1. Explain remote sensing and G.I.S. focusing its importance on daily life.

  2. Explain the structure of eye.

  3. What is land pollution? How solid waste management can be carried out?

  4. What are the effects of Covid-19 on global climate, shed light on it.

Question No. 5.

  1. Discuss seismic waves in Earth Quake. Which waves are the most disastrous?

  2. What are tornadoes? How they are formed funnel shaped?

  3. Give some properties of X-rays and radio waves.

  4. Differentiate between lunar and solar eclipse. When was the latest solar eclipse?


Question No. 6.

  1. Mark is twice as old as Vicky. Four years ago, Mark was 6-years younger than 3-times Vicky’s age at the time. How old will Mark be in 2 years.

  2. The length of a rectangle is two more than twice of width and area of rectangle is 40. What is perimeter of the rectangle.

  3. When 40% of a number is added to 42, the resulting number is itself. Find the number.

  4. Find the ratio of 3.5 kg to 280 grams.

Question No. 7.

  1. Moin and Mair share a lottery win of Rs. 2000 in the ratio 1:4. Moin then shares his part between, himself, his wife, and their son in the ratio 4:5:1. How much more does his wife get over his son?

  2. Look at the series: F2, ______, D8, C16, B32. What should fill the blank?

  3. In a certain code “LANDMINE PYRBQGRC”. How will Homemade be coded?

  4. A card was randomly drawn from a deck of 52 cards. What is the probability of accurance of Jack?

Question No. 8.

  1. A student gets 75, 82 and 86 marks in 3 tests. What should be his marks on next test, so that his average for four tests will be 85?

  2. If 270 kg of corn would feed 42 houses for 21 days, for how many days 360 kg of it would suffice to feed 21 houses?

  3. An automobile travels 3 km towards south, 4 km towards west, 5 km towards north and 2 km towards south-east. How far is it from its starting position?

  4. Police officers are in pursuit of a stolen vehicle. Officer Baker is directly behind the stolen car. Officer Lopez is behind Baker; Officer O’Malley is behind Lopez. Officer Reinhart is ahead of the stolen car and coming from the opposite direction. Officer Reinhart makes a U-turn and joins the pursuit. He pulls in behind Officer Lopez. Officer Baker pulls up on the driver’s side of the stolen vehicle and Officer Lopez pulls up on the other side. Which Officer is directly behind the vehicle?