CSS 2021 Explainer (Part – I)

CSS 2021 Explainer – I

CSS 2021 Explainer (Part – I)


  1. How a World Order Ends? (Richard Haass) *

  2. A New Americanism (Jill Lepore)

  3. The Longest Wars (George Packer)

  4. The Self-Destruction of American Power (Fareed Zakaria)

  5. Putin, the Great (Susan B. Glasser)

  6. Trump’s Assault on the Global Trading System (Chad P. Bown & Douglas A.)

  7. The Sources of Chinese Conduct (Odd Arne Westad)

  8. War Is Not Over (Tanisha M. Fazal & Paul Poast)

  9. Warnings From Versailles (Margaret MacMillan)

  10. What a military intervention in Venezuela would look like? (Frank O. Mora)

  11. The United States Should Fear a Faltering China (Michael Beckley)

  12. Asean’s mid-life crisis in an Age of Geostrategic Flux

  13. The Post-INF Treaty Crisis: Background and Next Steps *

  14. The crisis of democracy (Tahir Kamran)

  15. Pakistan’s Changing Geopolitics (Dr Naazir Mahmood) *

  16. How to revive SAARC? (Fateh-ul-Mulk Ali Nasir) *

  17. The failure of institutions in Pakistan (Rabia Ahmed)  *

  18. Why Geopolitics Matters? (Jeremy Black)

  19. Is imperial geopolitics coming back? (Tarik Oguzlu)

  20. Global Power dynamics and Pakistan’s foreign policy (Abdul Samad Khan) *

  21. Tragedy of Pakistani State, Society & Democracy (Jahangir Kakar) *

  22. Making CPEC Work: Nexus Between Pakistan & China (Ikram Sehgal)

  23. Future of transatlantic relations and NATO (Tariq Oguzlu) *

  24. International law – The ‘Deal of the Century’ case (Ferhat Kucuk)

  25. USA – Afghan deal vs Pak trial in FATF (Rehman Malik)

  26. Pakistan’s unconditional diplomacy (Reema Shaukat)

  27. Food inflation – what is driving it? (Dr Kamal Monnoo) *

  28. Trump, Modi and the Indo-Pacific (Adeela Naureen & Umar Waqar) *

  29. South Asia: What lies within and beyond. (Naghmana Shahid & Seher Kamran)  *

  30. Pakistan’s impressive refugee (Atle Hetland) *

  31. FTO – a symbol of good governance (Muhammad Ashraf) *

  32. Toying with nuclear stability (Samson Simon) *

  33. Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Formation (Atle Hetland) *

  34. Child Abuse and deterrent punishment (Usman Hameed) *

  35. Afghanistan: Light at the end of tunnel? (Javid Husain) *

  36. Modernising the Muslim world (Shahid Javed Burki) *

Note: This is for general reading on different topics. All topics with an asterisk (*) are important for the exam. Thank you.

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