Question 11: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) paid Zakat in his lifetime for how many times? (CSS 2021)

  1. Two times

  2. Three times

  3. Zero times

  4. Four times

Question 12: Preferring one Qiyas over another is called as (CSS 2021)

  1. Ihtiman

  2. Muhsin

  3. Istihsan

  4. None of these

‘Istihsan literally means ‘to deem something preferable’.

Question 13: When marriage vows are recited then husband gives his wife a gift which is known as “Haq Mehr”. In which surah of the Quran, Haq Mehr has been mentioned? (CSS 2021)

  1. Surah 90. Al-Balad

  2. Surah 5. Al-Ma’idah

  3. Surah 54. Al-Qamar

  4. Surah 4. An-Nisa’

The fourth verse of the fourth Surah An-Nisa (the Woman), Allah commands: “And give the women (on marriage) their mehr generously.” (4:4).

Question 14: Fathi Al-Mubeen’ in the Qur’an refers to (CSS 2021)

  1. The conquest of Mecca

  2. The treat of Khaybar

  3. Treaty of Hudaybiyyah

  4. None of these options

Question 15: Hazrat Bilal (RA) was born as a slave and his master was ______ who was head of Banu Jumah. (CSS 2021)

  1. Umayyah ibn Khalaf

  2. Umayya ibn Abd Shams

  3. Umayya wa-Bani Hashim

  4. None of these given options

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