Articulate for CSS 2022 by Aamir Mahar

August 2021 (Volume – XIV)

Hot Topics inside —

  1. The Origin of the Taliban

  2. The fall of Kabul: How was the war lost?

  3. Intra-Afghan talks: Why do they fail?

  4. Taliban’s Kabul — The Regional Implications

  5. Afghanistan: a global failure for US and Pakistan

  6. Women rights under a Taliban rule

  7. The origin of atomic power

  8. India’s changing nuclear status

  9. Cultural identities in South Asia

  10. Modi’s evil designs on Kashmir

  11. FATF — A Geopolitical tool

  12. The Climate Change: the danger limit

  13. Philosophers of the Golden Age of Islam

  14. Pakistan’s counterterrorism (CT) challenge

  15. West Asia’s Geopolitics part the Red Sea

  16. Sino-US Rivalry and Pakistan’s Predicament

  17. US-China Rivalry in South Asia: Challenges and Prospects

  18. Significance of Single National Curriculum

  19. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & Pakistan

  20. North & South Korea: Division & Thereafter

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