Updated as of July 2022. Following Current Affairs notes are prepared by Shanza Faiq (47th CTP, CSS 2018 Topper, FSP).

Topics covered in this blog are-

Hybrid Warfare

Definition: Usage of kinetic and non-kinetic options to offset conventional power dynamics. Includes spreading disinformation, propaganda, economic coercion, backing proxy militia, cyberattacks to achieve strategic objectives.

Why is it used?

  • Leads to de-stability, demoralization and disintegration.
  • Used due to high cost of men and material.
  • Ambiguity and deniability which means no fear of retribution
  • Exercise subtle power
  • Nuclear weapons have made conventional warfare riskier
  • Keep Pakistan politically and economically unstable
  • Domestic voting power for Hindutva intoxicated BJP

How does India use it?

  • Spread propaganda and diplomatic sabotage; EU Disinfo Lab
  • Funding and training of separatist militia
  • Economic subversion by politicizing international bodies such as FATF
  • UN Working Group on Enforced Disappearances
  • Build narrative amongst Kashmiri Muslims that Pakistan is a failed state and that partition was a mistake
  • Indian Muslims are superior to Pakistanis and Bangladeshis
  • Impression that India wants peace but Pakistan army does – Musharraf 4’s point formula on Kashmir thwarted due to Army’s funding of 2008 Mumbai attack
  • Portrayed that Pakistan’s defence spending is illogical as Pakistan needs to spend on development
  • Exploiting Pakistan’s fault lines; Baluchistan and CPEC
  • Linking Pakistan to Taliban at international level and saying Pakistan does not want peace
  • FATF grey list

Cost to Pakistan:

  • Prevents Pakistan’s rise in power of Kashmir
  • Pressurizing Pakistan to settle on India’s terms in issues like Siachen and Sir Creek
  • Economically destabilized and dependent, high defence budget, weak ties with USA

What can Pakistan do?

  • Employ a well-calibrated strategy across every platform and understand nature of hybrid warfare
  • Good governance based on deliverables
  • Realize potential of CPEC
  • Multilateralism based on sound and healthy bilateral relations
  • Develop counternarrative to India’s ‘talks and terrorism cannot go side by side’
  • Develop policy-based discussions between govt and media and have more English news channels to portray positive image of Pakistan
  • Use civil society, media and academia

What have we done?

  • UNGA unanimously adopted Pakistan’s draft resolution targeting disinformation

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