Current Affairs Notes by Shanza Faiq (CSS 2018 Topper)

Current Affairs Notes by Shanza Faiq (CSS 2018, FSP)

Updated as of July 2022. Following Current Affairs notes are prepared by Shanza Faiq (47th CTP, CSS 2018 Topper, FSP).

Topics covered in this blog are-

Hybrid Warfare

Definition: Usage of kinetic and non-kinetic options to offset conventional power dynamics. Includes spreading disinformation, propaganda, economic coercion, backing proxy militia, cyberattacks to achieve strategic objectives.

Why is it used?

  • Leads to de-stability, demoralization and disintegration.
  • Used due to high cost of men and material.
  • Ambiguity and deniability which means no fear of retribution
  • Exercise subtle power
  • Nuclear weapons have made conventional warfare riskier
  • Keep Pakistan politically and economically unstable
  • Domestic voting power for Hindutva intoxicated BJP

How does India use it?

  • Spread propaganda and diplomatic sabotage; EU Disinfo Lab
  • Funding and training of separatist militia
  • Economic subversion by politicizing international bodies such as FATF
  • UN Working Group on Enforced Disappearances
  • Build narrative amongst Kashmiri Muslims that Pakistan is a failed state and that partition was a mistake
  • Indian Muslims are superior to Pakistanis and Bangladeshis
  • Impression that India wants peace but Pakistan army does – Musharraf 4’s point formula on Kashmir thwarted due to Army’s funding of 2008 Mumbai attack
  • Portrayed that Pakistan’s defence spending is illogical as Pakistan needs to spend on development
  • Exploiting Pakistan’s fault lines; Baluchistan and CPEC
  • Linking Pakistan to Taliban at international level and saying Pakistan does not want peace
  • FATF grey list

Cost to Pakistan:

  • Prevents Pakistan’s rise in power of Kashmir
  • Pressurizing Pakistan to settle on India’s terms in issues like Siachen and Sir Creek
  • Economically destabilized and dependent, high defence budget, weak ties with USA

What can Pakistan do?

  • Employ a well-calibrated strategy across every platform and understand nature of hybrid warfare
  • Good governance based on deliverables
  • Realize potential of CPEC
  • Multilateralism based on sound and healthy bilateral relations
  • Develop counternarrative to India’s ‘talks and terrorism cannot go side by side’
  • Develop policy-based discussions between govt and media and have more English news channels to portray positive image of Pakistan
  • Use civil society, media and academia

What have we done?

  • UNGA unanimously adopted Pakistan’s draft resolution targeting disinformation

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