Foreign Affairs Magazine (January & February 2021)

Foreign Affairs Magazine (January & February 2021)

Hot Topics included:

  1. The Reconstruction of America – Justice, Power, and the Civil War ’s Unfinished Business by David W. Blight

  2. The Arab Uprisings Never Ended – The Enduring Struggle to Remake the Middle East by Marc Lynch

  3. The End of the Wilsonian Era – Why Liberal Internationalism Failed by Walter Russell Mead

  4. The World China Wants.  How Power Will—and Won’t—Reshape Chinese Ambitions? by Rana Mitter

  5. The Meddlers : Moscow’s and Washington’s Covert Campaigns by Angela Stent

  6. Latin America’s Lost Decades – The Toll of Inequality in the Age of COVID-19 by Luis Alberto Moreno

  7. and many more important articles!

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