Foreign Affairs Magazine (May & June 2021)

Foreign Affairs Magazine (May & June 2021)

Hot Topics included —

  1. Globalization’s Coming Golden Age: Why Crisis Ends in Connection (by Harold James)

  2. How Not to Win Allies and Influence Geopolitics China’s Self-Defeating Economic Statecraft (by Audrye Wong)

  3. Crisis of Command America’s Broken Civil-Military Relationship Imperils National Security (by Risa Brooks, Jim Golby, and Heidi Urben)

  4. Russia’s Weak Strongman: The Perilous Bargains That Keep Putin in Power (by Timothy Frye)

  5. Competition With China Can Save the Planet: Pressure, Not Partnership, Will Spur Progress on Climate Change (by Andrew S. Erickson and Gabriel Collins)

  6. The Vaccine Revolution” How mRNA Can Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Starts (by Nicole Lurie, Jakob P. Cramer, and Richard J. Hatchett)

  7. and other important topics.

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