Foreign Policy Magazine (Fall 2020)


  1. The Most Important Election. Ever. (Why the fate of the American republic—and the world—could depend on what happens Nov. 3) by MICHAEL HIRSH

  2. Why Europe Wins (Everyone writes off the European Union as dull and prone to fracture. But the last decade shows that Brussels is smarter than Beijing, London, Moscow, and Washington) by ANDREW MORAVCSIK

  3. Emerging Stronger From the Great Lockdown (The managing director and the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund lay out a strategy for sustained recovery) by KRISTALINA GEORGIEVA, GITA GOPINATH

  4. A World in Counterfeit (After they mastered their territories, rulers wanted to master crafts, too) by LUCIAN STAIANO-DANIELS

  5. The End of Hope in the Middle East (The region has always had problems—but it’s now almost past the point of recovery) by STEVEN A. COOK

  6. and many important topics.

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