GRE Sentence Completions Practice Questions – V

Instructions — • Attempt 18 Questions in 15 Minutes • Students can check the correct answers from the ‘featured comment’ in the comments- section.

Directions — Each of the following questions consists of an incomplete sentence followed by five words or pairs of words. Choose the word or pair of words that, when substituted for the blank space or spaces, best completes the meaning of the sentence.

  1. ____ by her family, the woman finally agreed to sell the farm. (A) Decimated (B) Importuned (C) Encumbered (D) Interpolated (E) Designated
  2. The ghost of his royal father ____ the young Hamlet to avenge his murder. (A) enervates (B) parlays (C) marauds (D) exhorts (E) inculcates
  3. Concerned for his children’s safety, the father tried to ____ in them a(n) ____ attitude toward strangers. (A) obviate .. hospitable (B) ingratiate .. assiduous (C) insinuate .. salubrious (D) assimilate .. benevolent (E) inculcate .. wary
  4. A life of hardship and poverty has ____ them to petty physical discomforts. (A) ascribed (B) inured (C) remonstrated (D) deferred (E) impugned
  5. To win the people’s trust, the democratically elected president of America ____ the corrupt, murderous actions of George W. Bush. (A) abjured (B) recognized (C) demonized (D) retrofitted (E) compromised
  6. The cyclist’s insistence on using performing enhancing drugs created so much ____ among the racing team that it eventually dissolved. (A) litany (B) harmony (C) acrimony (D) discourse (E) jubilancy
  7. Kathy was constantly frustrated that her husband was so ____ about his mother’s meddling as he never did anything to counteract her nosiness. (A) forceful (B) impassive (C) insistent (D) ecstatic (E) priggish
  8. The protestors hurled ____ at the policemen as they walked into the courthouse to be tried for beating to death an innocent teenager. (A) maledictions (B) affirmations (C) information (D) epithets (E) declarations
  9. With one ____ motion, Brian disarmed his assailant and gained his freedom. (A) maladroit (B) deft (C) ponderous (D) superfluous (E) brusque
  10. The platypus is a biological ____ ; although it’s classed as a mammal, it has a duck-like bill and lays eggs. (A) euphemism (B) exemplar (C) antidote (D) periphery (E) anomaly
  11. They acted in concert, each ____ for a(n) ____ of the plot. (A) reliable .. source (B) responsible .. element (C) unavailable .. section (D) appointed .. article (E) agreeable .. felony
  12. They were unwisely ____ during their education, and ____ was the result. (A) neglected .. ignorance (B) interrupted .. consistency (C) befriended .. alienation (D) instructed .. genius (E) taught .. attendance
  13. Most young children are highly conformist and will ____ a classmate whose appearance or manners are ____. (A) welcome .. bizarre (B) shun .. conventional (C) emulate .. unusual (D) ostracize .. different (E) deride .. ordinary
  14. The royal astrologers were commanded to determine the most ____ date for the king’s coronation. (A) propitious (B) ostensible (C) aberrant (D) resplendent (E) obsequious
  15. The poem by the great satirist was dripping with venom and was ____ with scorn. (A) contentious (B) discordant (C) redolent (D) sardonic (E) vicarious
  16. The ____ rites of the fraternity were kept secret by the members and were never ____ to outsiders. (A) eclectic .. delegated (B) esoteric .. divulged (C) dubious .. maligned (D) inscrutable .. traduced (E) elusive .. proscribed
  17. The composer was ____ enough to praise the work of a musician he detested. (A) magnanimous (B) loquacious (C) munificient (D) parsimonious (E) surreptitious
  18. The goodwill of its customers is a genuine but ____ asset for a company. (A) insensate (B) redolent (C) dismissive (D) intangible (E) vigilant

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