Ms. Usra Rasool

Instructor for Anthrolpolgy

  • Live and interactive webinars
  • Each webinar of 1.5 hours
  • Answer writing assessment
  • Personalized mentorship
  • Access on mobile, tablet and laptop

Module Details

Anthropology is one of the most interesting and top-scoring optional subjects. It has a few foundational concepts which once covered provide you with a better understanding of the world and equip you with the tools to carry out a critical analysis of the issues happening today. It is also a very interesting subject where you get to study man and how they have been across time and space. You get exposed to multiple cultures and learn how to interact with them and study them respectfully and holistically. This ability to carry out critical analysis and have a holistic worldview is extremely important for clearing CSS and scoring well. Once you have gone through anthropology, you would realize that the knowledge you gained from here is also complementing your knowledge needed in other CSS exams. Most students do not opt for this subject because they have not been exposed to it in their early education. However, with proper mentorship, study material, and a defined strategy, this is a subject worth pursuing.

Module Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of the whole course -outline
  • Well-structured and planned topics’ sequence
  • Discussion on repeated and past paper questions
  • Learn how to attempt papers and score well
  • Comprehensive Topic-wise MCQs
  • Topic-wise mocks and final mock test as per the FPSC question pattern
  • Flexible and friendly study plan for job-holders
  • Paper assessment and feedback

Module Content

14 webinars • 1.5 hours each • Two webinars (Saturday & Sunday) per week • Timing: 11:00 am – 01:00 pm
Scheduled onTopics to cover
July 30, 2022Introduction to Anthropology – Syllabus, how to study for the syllabus? Books and Notes
July 31, 2022Major Anthropological Theorists & Their theories Part 1
August 6, 2022Major Anthropological Theorists & Their theories Part 2
August 7, 2022Research Methods in Anthropology
August 13, 2022Topic-wise Assessment Test – 1
August 14, 2022Family, Marriage & Kinship
August 20, 2022Socio-Cultural Change
August 21, 2022Religion – its evolution & functions
August 27, 2022Political Organization
August 28, 2022Topic-wise Assessment Test – 2
September 3, 2022Economic Anthropology
September 4, 2022Human Problems & how anthropology helps in solving those
September 10, 2022Discussion on past papers’ questions
September 11, 2022Final Assessment Test

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