English GRE Vocabulary — 01

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  1. Adequate (adj): suitable; sufficient; satisfactory; enough; ample

    The replacement parts for the old lawn mower were adequate.

  2. Fickle (adj): changeable; capricious; erratic; whimsical

    Sara is fickle and constantly changes her mind.

  3. Humility (n): modesty; humbleness

    Peter’s humility makes him one of the most respected students in school.

  4. Loathe (v): hate; detest; scorn; disdain

    I loathe snakes of any kind.

  5. Flamboyant (adj): showy; flashy; ostentatious

    Wearing a checkered shirt and striped pants, the comedian made a flamboyant entrance.

  6. Versatile (adj): resourceful; ingenious; talented

    Salman is versatile and can fix just about anything.

  7. Torrid (adj): hot; scorching; burning; broiling

    The torrid temperature of the desert was unbearable.

  8. Vicious (adj): cruel; ferocious; fierce; violent

    The vicious dog snarled and growled.

  9. Opponent (n): adversary; foe; antagonist; competitor

    My opponent for the tennis match was the former champion.

  10. Serene (adj): tranquil; pleasant; peaceful; composed

    We spent a serene afternoon in the park.