English GRE Vocabulary — 02

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  1. Vigilant (adj): watchful; wary; alert

    Secret Service agents are vigilant in their duty to protect the president.

  2. Sensible (adj): astute; insightful; wise

    Anna is a sensible girl who always makes practical decisions.

  3. Absurd (adj): foolish; ridiculous; ludicrous; preposterous

    The story was so absurd that Shawn stopped reading after the first few pages.

  4. Cringe (v): flinch; shrink; cower; recoil

    I always cringe at the sight of needles.

  5. Inconspicuous (adj): unremarkable; unassuming; indistinct

    The undercover police officer was inconspicuous in his jeans and flannel shirt.

  6. Bountiful (adj): abundant; plentiful; generous; fruitful

    The settlers rejoiced in their bountiful harvest.

  7. Novice (n): beginner; trainee; apprentice; amateur

    Although Mandy was a novice at figure skating, she was learning quickly.

  8. Prior (adj): previous; earlier; preceding

    Having missed the prior math assignment, Jessica had trouble completing her homework.

  9. Invincible (adj): indomitable; unconquerable; invulnerable

    The king’s knights were invincible in battle.

  10. Emphasize (v): stress; accentuate; feature

    My teachers always emphasize important ideas.