English GRE Vocabulary — 03

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  1. Abolish (v): to do away with; end Antonyms: establish; build; create

    The mayor plans to abolish fees in the downtown parking garage.

  2. Precise (adj): clearly expressed; definite Antonyms: approximate; ambiguous; vague

    I took precise measurements before cutting the wood for the new shelves.

  3. Curtail (v): to cut short; reduce Antonyms: expand; extend; lengthen

    Dad had to curtail his vacation because of an emergency at his office.

  4. Allegiance (n): loyalty to a nation, ruler, or cause; faithfulness Antonyms: disloyalty; treachery; betrayal

    The knights swore allegiance to their new king.

  5. Sagacious (adj): possessing wisdom and sound judgment; intelligent Antonyms: unwise; shortsighted; foolish

    The chief was a sagacious leader who was respected by his people.

  6. Reluctant (adj): unwilling; disinclined; unenthusiastic Antonyms: willing; eager; enthusiastic

    Keisha is reluctant to join any more after-school clubs because of her busy schedule.

  7. Reputable (adj): having a good reputation; honorable Antonyms: disreputable; unreliable; corrupt

    Tom is a reputable student and deserves to be class president.

  8. Substantial (adj): solid; strong; sizable Antonyms: unsubstantial; fragile; weak; trifling

    The prosecutor presented substantial evidence during the trial.

  9. Customary (adj): commonly practiced; usual Antonyms: unusual; irregular; uncommon

    In our town, it is customary to have a parade on the Fourth of July.

  10. Relevant (adj): relating to the matter at hand; pertinent Antonyms: irrelevant; inappropriate; unrelated

    Jason made several relevant points during the debate.