English GRE Vocabulary

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  1. Facetious (adj): playfully humorous; comical Antonyms: serious; grave; solemn

    The audience laughed throughout the facetious play.

  2. Notable (adj): prominent or distinguished Antonyms: unimportant; undistinguished; unknown

    Many notable authors attended the writers’ conference.

  3. Outlandish (adj): very strange or unusual in manner or appearance; bizarre Antonyms: ordinary; familiar; usual

    Reynaldo’s rainbow won the prize for the most outlandish Halloween costume.

  4. Apparent (adj): easily seen or understood; obvious Antonyms: doubtful; obscure; uncertain

    Becky’s relief at the high grade on her test was apparent.

  5. Gullible (adj): easily deceived; unsuspecting Antonyms: suspicious; wary; skeptical

    Gullible people often become the victims of fraud.

  6. Formidable (adj): arousing fear or alarm because of strength or power; intimidating Antonyms: insignificant; powerless; weak

    The Spartans of ancient Greece were formidable warriors.

  7. Casual (adj): occurring by chance; not planned Antonyms: intentional; planned; formal

    Our family enjoys casual activities on the weekends.

  8. Efficient (adj): acting or working with minimal waste; effective Antonyms: inefficient; wasteful; unproductive

    Tom makes efficient use of his time and finishes his assignments quickly.

  9. Logical (adj): showing clear reason; rational Antonyms: illogical; confused; irrational

    Elena developed her ideas for her report in a logical manner.

  10. Extravagant (adj): extremely lavish or abundant Antonyms: modest; restrained; thrifty

    Sana’s parents gave her an extravagant sweet sixteen party.