The Best of 2021 (Foreign Affairs Magazine)

The Best of 2021 (Foreign Affairs Magazine)

  1. Accomplice to Carnage: How America Enables War in Yemen by Robert Malley and Stephen Pomper

  2. The Price of Nostalgia: America’s Self-Defeating Economic Retreat by Adam S. Posen

  3. Xi’s Gamble: The Race to Consolidate Power and Stave Off Disaster by Jude Blanchette

  4. The Taiwan Temptation: Why Beijing Might Resort to Force by Oriana Skylar Mastro

  5. Myanmar’s Coming  Revolution: Will Emerge From Collapse? by Thant Myint-U

  6. Containment Beyond the Cold War: How Washington Lost the Post-Soviet Peace by M. E. Sarotte

  7. and other important topics for CSS and PMS students.

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