1. Adamant (adj.) hard, inflexible — Though she was adamant in the beginning, she came round in the end.

  2. Adverse (adj.) unfavourable, hostile — One must try to overcome adverse circumstances.

  3. Affected (adj.) artificial, pretend, influence — She is proud and always behaves in an affected manner.

  4. Allay (v.) calm, pacify — The mother allayed the fears of the child.

  5. Accord (n.) agreement — There is an accord among the family members over this problem.

  6. Adulterate (v.) make impure — Those who adulterate milk should be severely punished.

  7. Agility (n.) nimbleness, alacrity — The police acted with agility and apprehended the robbers.

  8. Admonish (v.) warn, reprove— The officer admonished his subordinates for their irregular attendance.

  9. Assuage (v.) ease, lessen) —  Sarmad’s friends assuaged his apprehension of injustice at the hands of the Principal.

  10. Alleviate (v.) relieve, assuage — Saints are born to alleviate the pain and misery of mankind.

  11. Altruism (n.) unselfish devotion — My friend is imbued with altruism and has made over his property to a charitable trust.

  12. Amass (v.) collect — He has no time to do good to others and appears to be more interested in amassing wealth.

  13. Acrimonious (adj.) stinging, caustic — There were acrimonious arguments between the two brothers causing loss of prestige to the family.

  14. Anomaly (n.) irregularity — I assure you, it is an anomaly because he never behaves like this in an ordinary course of life.

  15. Aptitude (n.) fitness, talent — Scientific temper calls for aptitude for liberal thinking.