CSS Compulsory Subjects | CSS Books & Notes in PDF

Essay Writing | CSS Books & Notes in PDF  

  1. Top 30 Essays (Zahid Ashraf)

  2. Complete Essays (KIPs Publishers)

  3. Winning Essays (Mureed Hussain Jasra)

  4. Strategy of Essay Writing (Aamir Mahar)

  5. Contemporary Essays (Syed Nasir Jamal)

  6. The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing (Thomas Kane)

  7. Global Age Essay Encyclopaedia (Raheel Shafi)

English Precis and Composition | CSS Books & Notes in PDF

  1. Precis Writing (Professor Zahid Ashraf)

  2. English (Precis & Grammar), NOA Islamabad

  3. To The Point English Grammar & Composition (Aftab Ahmed)

  4. English Grammar & Composition (Hafiz Karimdad Chughtai)

  5. Exploring the World of English (Syed Saadat Ali Shah)   Part – I and Part -II

  6. Discovering the World of Vocabulary  (Adeel Niaz)

  7. Vocabulary Words for CSS & PMS Exam (Aamir Mahar)

Current Affairs | CSS Books & Notes in PDF

  1. The Outliner Current Affairs Plus (Waseem Riaz Khan)

  2. The Fact Book Current Affairs Plus (Waseem Riaz Khan)

General Science and Ability | CSS Books & Notes in PDF

  1. General Ability Notes (NOA Publishers)

  2. Elements of Logical Reasoning (Jan Von Plato)

  3. General Science and Ability (Akram Kashmiri)

  4. General Science and Ability (Mian Shafiq)

  5. General Science Notes (Faisal Karim, 41st CTP)

  6. Telecommunications Fundamentals (Roger L. Freeman)

  7. Test of Reasoning (Arihant Publishers)

  8. Basic Mathematics for FPSC & PPSC Tests (Aamir Mahar)

  9. Asimov’s New Guide To Science (Isaac Asimov)

Islamic Studies | CSS Books & Notes in PDF

  1. Islamic Studies Notes (Shanza Faiq, CSS 2018 Topper)

  2. Islamic Studies Notes for CSS & PMS (Aamir Mahar)

  3. Contemporary Islamic Studies (Amanullah Gondal)

  4. An Introduction to Islamic Ideology (Anwar Hashmi)

  5. Islam and Modernism (Muft Taqi Usmani)

  6. Islam Its Meaning & Message (Khurshid Ahmad)

  7. Islami Nazriya-e-Hayat (Khursheed Ahmed)

  8. Islamiat Notes for CSS and PMS Students (in Urdu)

  9. Islamic Studies, in Urdu (Hafiz Karimdad Chughtai)

  10. The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam (Allama Iqbal)

  11. Towards Understanding Islam (Syed Abul Ala Maududi)

  12. The Sealed Nectar (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum)

  13. Islamic Studies, in English (Hafiz Karimdad Chughtai)

  14. Selected Quranic Verses For Islamic Studies Paper

Pakistan Affairs | CSS Books & Notes in PDF

  1. Pakistan Affairs Notes (Aamir Mahar)*

  2. Pakistan Affairs Short Notes (Compiled) *

  3. Pakistan Affairs MCQs, CSS 2005-18 (Aamir Mahar)*

  4. A Brief History Of Pakistan (James Wynbrandt)

  5. Constitutional & Political History of Pakistan (Hamid Khan)*

  6. Governing the Ungovernable (Dr. Ishrat Husain)

  7. Kashmir in Conflict India, Pakistan and the Unending War (Victoria Schofield)

  8. Modern South Asia History, Culture and Political Economy (Sugata Bose & Ayesha Jalal)

  9. Pakistan and World Affairs (Shamshad Ahmed)*

  10. Pakistan Beyond the Crises State (Maliha Lodhi)

  11. Pakistan Energy Sector From Crisis to Crisis Breaking the Chain (Ziad Alahdad)

  12. Pakistan, The Formative Phase, 1857-1948 (Khalid B. Sayeed)

  13. Train To Pakistan (Khushwant Singh)

  14. Trek to Pakistan (Ahmed Saeed & Kh. Mansoor Sarwar)*

  15. The Murder of History, A Critique of History Textbooks Used in Pakistan (K.K. Aziz)

  16. Pakistan’s Foreign Policy 1947-2016 (Abdul Sattar)*

Note: More additional books will be added to enhance the reading on the subject. An asterisk symbol (*) has been placed in front of the book which can be used to cover the syllabus topics of the subject. Thank you.

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