CSS 2022 Articulate – 22

CSS 2022 Articulate – 22

Articulate for CSS 2022 by Aamir Mahar

April 2022 (Volume – XXII)

Hot Topics inside —
  1. India’s string of pearls
  2. Embracing glocalisation
  3. Rights of women in Islam
  4. Pakistan’s economy challenge
  5. Religion in South Asian politics
  6. Efficient Judicial System: the Way Forward
  7. Plight of Women in the Muslim World
  8. Promoting Digital Taxation in Pakistan
  9. Pakistan’s crisis management mechanism
  10. The Concept of Human Rights in Islam
  11. Transition in foreign policy of Pakistan
  12. China’s role in Afghanistan and way forward
  13. Biden’s contradictory approach to Iran
  14. Graham Allison on the US and China
  15. Economic costs of judicial (in)actions
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