Current Affairs MCQs — 1st of June 2022 to 30th of June 2022

Current Affairs MCQs — 1st of June 2022 to 30th of June 2022

Current Affairs MCQs with detailed explanations – Updated Notes

  1. Two West African nations ______ and Togo joined the Commonwealth in June 2022. (a)  Gabon (b) South Africa (c) Canada (d) New Zealand
  2. The 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) took place from June 20 to 25, 2022 in?  (a) Rawanda (b) Fijii (c) London (d) Samoa
  3. Who won the Men’s Singles title of the French Open on June 5th, 2022? (a) Casper Rudd (b) Roger Federer (c) Rafael Nadal (d) Novak Djokovic
  4. Who won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix title on 12 June 2022? (a) Max Verstappen (b) Sergio Perez (c) George Russell (d) Lewis Hamilton (e) None of these options
  5. The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be held in which of the following countries? (a) U.S. (b) Canada (c) Mexico (d) All of the above (e) None of these options
  6. Who won the Canadian Grand Prix title in June 2022? (a) Carlos Sanz (b) Lewis Hamilton (c)  Max Verstappen (d) Sebastian Vettel  (e) None of these options
  7. The Wimbledon Championships began in London in June 2022. No player of which nationality has been allowed to play in the tournament? (a) Ukraine (b) Afghanistan (c) Russian or Belarusian (d) China (e) None of these options
  8. In June 2022, supercomputer Frontier was given the title of fastest computer. In which country is it made? (a)  Japan  (b) USA  (c) UK (d) France
  9. Which country made its first successful satellite launch using the indigenous rocket ‘Noori’ in June 2022? (a) South Korea (b) Japan (c) North Korea (d) Saudi Arabia
  10. Which country launched a solid fuel-powered rocket named ‘Zul-jana’ in space? (a) Iran (b)  Iraq (c) Oman (d) Palestine (e) None of these options

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