Mr. Asim Raza

Instructor for General science & Ability

  • Live and interactive webinars
  • Each webinar of 1.5 hours
  • Answer writing assessment
  • Personalized mentorship
  • Access on mobile, tablet and laptop

Module Details

General science and ability is one the three papers of general knowledge. Despite the fact that a little yet well directed effort in GSA can be highly rewarding, it is often over shadowed by Current Affairs and Pakistan Affairs. The CSS paper of GSA comprises of two parts i.e. General Ability and Science. The science portion demands conceptual clarity and well illustrated diagrams for good score. While in general ability one can easily ensure full marks , as it is primarily based on mathematics. Our module is meticulously designed to equally cater for the varying demands of both the sections. With detailed lectures for conceptual clarity, regular practice and subsequent evaluation, we’ll ensure the maximum score of our students.

Module Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of the whole course -outline
  • Well-structured and planned topics’ sequence
  • Discussion on past years’ questions
  • Learning answer writing approach in the paper
  • Topic-wise mocks and final mock test as per the FPSC question pattern
  • Extensive and regular practice of General Ability portion
  • Flexible and friendly study for job-holders

Module Content

19 webinars • 1.5 hours each • Three webinars (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) per week • Timing: 07:00 pm – 08:30 pm
Scheduled onTopics to cover
August 01, 2022Basic Mathematics (Number systems, BODMAS, LCM, HCF)
August 03, 2022Universe (Solar system, Rotation of Earth, Day and Night, Weather,
Eclipses, Equinox)
August 05, 2022Average, Mean, Median, Mode, Rates, Percentage
August 08, 2022Biology (Cell and its parts, Animal vs Plant cell, Mitosis, Meiosis)
August 10, 2022Ratio, Proportion, Interest, Profit & Loss
August 12, 2022Human Body 1 (Human Digestive system, Blood circulatory System)
August 15, 2022Probability, permutation, Combination
August 17, 2022Human Body 2 (Excretory System, Human Eye, Human Ear, Human Teeth)
August 19, 2022Conceptualizing Geometry
August 22, 2022Bio Molecules (Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Vitamins, Balanced Diet, Food Adulteration, and Preservation)
August 24, 2022Sets
August 26, 2022Physics (Atom, Molecule, Compound, Isotopes, Fission, Fusion, Radioactivity, Satellites, Optical Fibers)
August 29, 2022Algebra
August 31, 2022Atmosphere (Its Layers, Composition of Sun, Earth, Pollution,
Global warming, Climate Change, Acid Rain, Ozone depletion)
September 02, 2022Energy (Renewable (Solar, Hydal, Nuclear, Wind) vs Non-Renewable Energy Resources (Coal, Oil, Gas))
September 05, 2022Natural Calamities (Earth Quacks, Volcanoes, Avalanches, Cyclones, Tornados)
September 07, 2022Modern Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, Pesticides, Fertilizers,
Semi-Conductors, Vaccines, Anti-biotics)
September 09, 2022Logical Problems and Mental ability (Part 1)
September 11, 2022Logical Problems and Mental ability (Part 2)

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