History of America (CSS 2016-2020)


I. Introduction/Ancient Times – 1492/1492-1606

  1. Discuss in detail the impact of British advent in USA. (CSS 2017)

II. USA as a British Colony (1606-1783).

  1. What were the factors which led to the formation of New England Confederation of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven Colonies, in 1643? (CSS 2019)
  2. Why did American colonies criticized the Stamp act 1765? What was the Stamp Act crisis and it’s repercussions on US society? (CSS 2018)
  3. The American Revolution was the child of Enlightenment. Comment. (CSS 2016)

III. USA as an Independent Country (1783 – 1819)

IV. Expansion of USA: From 13 to 50 States (1820 – 1949)

  1. The westward expansion was a story of annexation, concessions and purchases, since the declaration of Independence. Discuss. (CSS 2019)
  2. Short note on: Expansion of USA during 1900-1949 (CSS 2017)
  3. Short Note on: Dollar diplomacy (CSS 2016)

V. Constitution of the USA: Salient Features

  1.  Write a critical note on the formation and structure of the USA Constitution. (CSS 2017)

VI. Civil War between the North and the East (1850 – 1869)

  1. American Civil War (1860-1865) was an outcome of “clash of economic interests as well as of social ideals. Elaborate with arguments. (CSS 2019)

VII. Industrialization and its emergence as one of the world powers (1870 -1916)

  1. How urban life was affected in USA during first two stages of industrialization? (CSS 2016)

VIII. USA’s role in the Two World Wars (i. 1914 – 1918, ii. 1939 – 1945)

IX. Post 1945 world scenario and emergence of USA & USSR as Two World Powers.

  1. Trace out the reasons of US economy augmentation in the post WW II era. (CSS 2018)
  2. Write an all-inclusive note on the beginning and end of the Cold War. (CSS 2018)
  3. Short Note on: U-2 incident (CSS 2016)

X. American Role in patronizing UNO and International Organizations 1945 – 2012

XI. American Role in Cold War and its emergence as the Sole super Power (1945 – 1990).

  1. What factors led USA to emerge as a big power after the World War II? (CSS 2017)
  2. Short note on: Eisenhower doctrine (CSS 2016)

XII. International Concerns of USA: An Overview.

  1. Critically evaluate the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt with reference to his accomplishments and failure. (CSS 2019)
  2. “The Bush Doctrine is the name given to a set of foreign policy guidelines”. Comment. (CSS 2016)

XIII. The War on Terror and the Role of Pakistan and USA (2001 – 2012)

  1. Short note on: Pakistan and USA relations after 9/11  (CSS 2017)

XIV. Global perception of the USA.

XV. Progressive Era: Reforms of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson,

  1. Short note on: Woodrow Wilson as President of US (CSS 2017)

XVI. The Great Depression and the New Deal

  1. What were the economic challenges President Clinton faced in post-Cold War era? How did he deal with these challenges? (CSS 2019)
  2. Discuss in detail the causes and effects of the Great Depression on the people and society of the United States of America. (CSS 2016)
  3. What economic problems were faced by Ronald Reagan and how his government dealt with economic crisis? (CSS 2016)

XVII. Civil Rights Movement

  1. Discuss the philosophy of ‘Non-Violence’ with reference to Civil Rights Movement led by Dr Martin Luther King Jr. (CSS 2019)
  2. Critically trace the African American Struggle for equality and how many of them rose to the highest office. (CSS 2018)
  3. What factors led Blacks to start the Civil Rights Movements? Discuss the role of Courts and State in giving rights to the blacks.(CSS 2016)

XVIII. United States Role in International Conflicts

  1. “New US Afghan policy may push Pakistan towards China”. Assess the observation in perception of the current deteriorating US-Pakistan relations. (CSS 2018)
  2.  Highlight the role played by USA in some major international conflicts. (CSS 2017)

XIX. US Presidential Election

  1. Examine the merits and demerits of the US Election System to elect President. (CSS 2017)

XX. US Congress and its Mandate

XXI. Separation of Powers and Check & Balances

XXII. Others/General

  1. What are the features of recent wave of Nationalism in American Foreign Policy under the Trump Administration? (CSS 2019)
  2. What is the variance between the Treaties of Paris 1763 and 1783? Elaborate their significant effects on the US. (CSS 2018)
  3. Discuss the factors that have contributed to the amended status of American women with a special allusion to the modern Feminism. (CSS 2018)
  4. Discuss the Muslims’ perceptions of the USA. (CSS 2017)