Books/ Quotes and their Writers

The books and their writers for PPSC, NTS, SPSC, KPPSC and FPSC General Recruitment Tests. Compiled and Edited by Aamir Mahar

  • ‘The Hidden Treasure or پٹہ خزانہ /Pata Khazana’ (A Biography of Pashtoon Poets) written by Mohammad Hothek. Edited, annotated and translated into Persian by Abdul Hay Habibi. It’s the first book in the Pashto language.
  • ‘India Wins Freedom’ (Autobiography) written by ‘Abul Kalam Azad’
  • ‘Rape of the Lock’ (Poem) written by ‘Alexandar Pope’ 
  • ‘The Alchemist’ (Story) and ‘Silent Woman’ (Story) written by ‘Ben Jonson’ 
  • ‘David Copperfield’ (Novel), ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ (Novel), ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ (Novel), ‘Oliver Twist’ (Novel), ‘Great Expectation’ (Novel) written by ‘Charles Dickens’
  • ‘Tamburlaine the Great’ (Play), ‘The Jew of Malta’ (Play) and ‘Doctor Faustus’ (Play) written by ‘Christopher Marlowe’
  • ‘A Farewell to Arms’ (Novel), ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ (Novel), ‘The Sun also Rises’ (Novel) and ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ (Novel) written by ‘Ernest Hemingway’
  • ‘Caeser and Cleopatra’ (Play), ‘Arms and the Man’ (Play), ‘Man and Superman’ (Play) and ‘Doctor’s Dilema’ (Play) written by ‘G. B. Shaw’
  • ‘Animal Farm’ (Novel) and ‘Ninteen Eighty Four’ (Novel) written by ‘George Orwell’
  • ‘Ode to Nightmare’ (Ode), ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’ (Ode) and ‘Ode to Autumn’ (Ode) written by ‘John Keats’
  •  ‘Gulliver’s Travel’ (Satire) written by ‘Jonathon Swift’
  • ‘Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage’ (Poem), ‘Don Juan’ (Poem), ‘The Vision of Judgment’ (Poem) and ‘Heaven and Earth’ (Poem) written by ‘Lord Byron’
  • ‘The Patriot’ (Poem) written by ‘Robert Browning’
  • ‘The Jungle Book’ (Novel) written by ‘Rudyard Kipling’ 
  • Comedy Play: ‘Mid Summer Night’s Dream’, ‘The Tempest’, ‘As You Like It’, ‘Merchant of Venice’, ‘Julius Caeser’, ‘Comedy of Errors’, ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ and Tragedy Play: ‘Othello’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘King Lear’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Hamlet’ written by ‘William Shakespeare’
  • ‘Pamela’ (Novel) written by ‘Samuel Richardson’ 
  • ‘The Gift of the Magi’ (Short Story), ‘Cabbage and Kings’ (Short Story), ‘Roads of Destiny’ (Short Story) and ‘Sixes and Seven’ (Short Story) written by ‘Sidney William Porter’
  • ‘Ivanhoe’ (Novel), ‘Heart of Midlothian’ (Novel), ‘The lay of Last Minstrel’ (Poem) and ‘Patriotism’ (Poem) written by ‘Sir Walter Scott’
  • ‘The Waste Land’ (Poem) and ‘Four Quarters’ (Poem) written by ‘T. S. Eliot’
  • ‘Of Human Bondage’ (Novel) and ‘The Moon and Sixpence’ (Novel) written by ‘Somerset Maugham ‘
  • ‘Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience’ (Poem) written by ‘William Blake’


  • ‘Pakistan, the heart of Asia’ is the collection of speeches made by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan in the United States and Canada, May and June 1950.
  • A Tale of Two Cities, which is one of two historical novels written by Charles Dickens, is set in London and in Paris and the French countryside at the time of the French Revolution. The book is sympathetic to the overthrow of the French aristocracy but highly critical of the reign of terror that followed.

Quotations and their writers for PPSC, NTS, SPSC, KPPSC and FPSC General Recruitment Tests. Compiled and Edited by Aamir Mahar

  • ‘Beauty is truth, truth is beauty – Keats
  • ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’ – William Shakespeare (Hamlet)
  • ‘I have a dream that one day this nation will live out the true meaning of its creed that all men are created equal’ – Martin Luther King.
  • ‘If winter comes, can spring be far behind’ – P. B. Shelley (Ode to The West Wind)
  • ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’ – Shakespeare (Hamlet)
  • ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied’ – Gladstone
  • ‘Justice hurried is justice burried – Gladstone
  • ‘They think too little who talk too much’ – Dryden
  • ‘Superstition is a religion of feeble minded person ‘ – Edmund Burke
  • ‘To err is human, To forgive is divine’ – Alexander Pope
  • ‘Cowards dies many times before their death’ – William Shakespeare
  • ‘All the world’s stage and all the men and women merely players’ – Shakespeare
  • ‘Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world’ – Shelley
  • ‘East is East and West is West
  • Never the twain shall meet’ – Rudyard Kipling
  • ‘Knowledge is Power’ – Hobbes
  • ‘The Child is the father of a man’ – William Wordsworth.
  • ‘A thing is beauty is a joy forever’ – John Keats.
  • ‘Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains’ – Rousseau
  • ‘Liberty consists in doing what one desires’ – John Stuart Mill
  • ‘Religion is the opium of the people’ – Karl Marks
  • ‘Eureka Eureka (I have found it)’ – Archimedes.
  • ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’ – Socrates
  • ‘Man is by nature a political animal’ – Aristotle.

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