Pre & Post-Partition Constitutional developments in Pakistan

Pre & Post-Partition Constitutional developments in Pakistan

The struggle over most constitutional issues went on for years altogether, often time to an extreme extent under adverse political exploitation.

Topic Outline:

  1. The Pre-Partition Constitutional History
  2. Developments after the birth of a nation
  3. The Constitutional Developments (1947-56)
  4. The Constitution of Pakistan – 1956
  5. The Imposition of First Martial Law
  6. The Basic Democracies
  7. The Constitutional Commission
  8. The Constitution of Pakistan – 1962
  9. The Decade of Major Developments
  10. The Fall of Ayub Khan’s regime
  11. The Rise of Yahya Khan’s regime
  12. The Outbreak of the 1971 War
  13. The Constitution in Making
  14. The Constitution of Pakistan – 1973
  15. Amendments to the Constitution of Pakistan – 1973
  16. Dissecting the 18th Constitutional Amendment
  17. Competitive Review of the Constitutions

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