CSS 2021 Islamic Studies MCQs

Question 16: The Battle of Hunayn was fought by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers against the Bedouin tribe of (CSS 2021)

  1. Banu Qahtan

  2. Banu Hashim

  3. Banu al-Muttalib

  4. Banu Hawazin

Question 17: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ordered the invasion of the Madinan Jewish tribe of (CSS 2021)

  1. Banu Khuza’ah

  2. Banu Nadir

  3. Banu Qurayza

  4. Banu Qaynuqa

Question 18: The Ghazwa (or the battel) in which Muslims camped on a high mound was? (CSS 2021)

  1. Battle of Hunyan

  2. Battle of Namaraq

  3. Battle of Uhud

  4. Battle of the Trench

Question 19: ljma of one place followed by the people of other place is known as (CSS 2021)

  1. Ijma Fasali

  2. Ijma al-aimmah

  3. Ijma al-Ummah

  4. None of these

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