Pakistan Perpetual Crisis by Dr. Nasreen Akhtar

Pakistan Perpetual Crisis by Dr. Nasreen Akhtar

The book “Pakistan’s Perpetual Crisis and Civil-military Relations (2008-2012): Internal and International Factors” is written by Dr. Nasreen Akhtar. It was published in 2020 in Karachi by the Royal Book Company. Dr. Nasreen Akhtar, based in Pakistan, is a Ph.D. scholar and expert in the discipline of international relations. She has teaching and research experience of over 18 years at various universities, think tanks, and research centers. She is currently serving as an assistant professor in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the International Islamic University Islamabad. The prime theme of the book revolves around the civil-military relations in Pakistan, a heated, sensitive, and much-debated topic every now and then. Pakistan is always regarded as a praetorian and security state ever since its inception, and this claim has been cemented through the four military regimes it witnessed in 78 years. The book provides a historic insight into the civil and military interaction, and cooperation and differences in policies and opinions over a range of internal and external issues of national security importance, specifically during the Zardari government 2008-2012.

Pakistan Perpetual Crisis by Dr. Nasreen Akhtar
Pakistan’s Perpetual Crisis and Civil-military Relations (2008-2012) by Dr. Nasreen Akhtar. Published by the Royal Book Company in 2020.

Download the complete book review from here. This book review is written by Ms. Lyba Mobeen (BS IR from Islamic University Islamabad)

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