Comprehension Reading and Writing

Comprehension Reading and Writing

Mastering the Art of Comprehension Reading & Writing for English Precis and Composition Paper

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein

Comprehension is an exercise in reading any material, and then initiating a process of gauging and explaining your understanding of that in simple words. It is a delicate and attention-warranting process whereby an interaction between the reader and the writer takes place. In order to comprehend, one would divert one’s attention, focus and concentration to enable a fair understanding of the issue discussed in the reading material. It is an effort to understand the contents of the matter discussed – proverbially speaking by looking toward the trees without missing the forest. It concentrates on the vocabulary of words used, punctuation etched and various events and ideas propounded that arrest the attention of the reader. The main purpose of comprehension is an economical understanding of the reading material and the ability to expound the understanding acquired in simple words. Comprehension passage in the CSS and PMS exams serves two-pronged purpose of understanding the material and utilizing your own words to describe your understanding of that. The understanding part is pivotal insofar as it leads to answering the questions. Questions are answered by exposition of details and ideas which have been understood. The exposition of the understanding while answering the questions is vital as it prepares a candidate to parse information acquired, and reproduce the material after acquiring a fair degree of understanding. It helps in improving and enriching expression and diction.

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