Articulate for CSS 2022 by Aamir Mahar

June 2022 (Volume – XXIII)

Hot Topics inside —

  1. Ukraine crisis & the international norms

  2. Elusive dream of national integration

  3. Decoding the Bosnian Crisis

  4. Pakistan’s economic storm & lessons for Sri Lanka

  5. The new government and budget for 2023

  6. Nuclear South Asia and Challenges to Strategic Stability

  7. The US-China “Thucydides Trap” and Pakistan

  8. Pakistan’s Trade with China and India

  9. The return of the great power rivalries

  10. The Coming World Order

  11. ASEAN & U.S.-China’s Indo-Pacific Strategies

  12. Lessons to learn from the current food crisis

  13. Analyzing the South Asian strategic stability

  14. Cyber-crimes and cyber security in Pakistan

  15. Rebooting The Ukraine Conflict

  16. The benefits of higher education in Pakistan

  17. Water crisis in Pakistan: In Short

  18. Geopolitical, geo-economic significance of Balochistan

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