Current Affairs Syllabus for CSS 2023

The syllabus of Current Affairs can be divided in the following parts.

  1. Pakistan Domestic Affairs (20%)
  2. Pakistan External Affairs (40%)
  3. General Issues (40%)

Part-I: Pakistan’s Domestic Affairs

  • Political: This section covers political history of Pakistan, democratic process in Pakistan, comparison of democratic and military regimes, constitutional crisis in Pakistan, salient features of the constitution of 1956, 1962, 1973 and subsequent constitutional amendments.
  • Economic: This section covers economic history of Pakistan, current economic situation, performance of important sectors of economy .g. agriculture, manufacturing, services sector, trade imbalance, future of economy of Pakistan.
  • Social: This section focuses on areas like poverty, unemployment and its impact on society, terrorism and extremism in Pakistan and how to curtail it, social stratification, women development, etc.

In Current Affairs paper, facts and figures on economy, energy, etc., would fetch additional marks. Drawing diagrams, where necessary, would also benefit you. This does not, at all, mean that one should start the answer of a question on terrorism by sketching weapons and bullets. Having a fair idea of how to draw the World Map, Map of Pakistan and of South Asia would be beneficial.

Muhammad Musa Ali BukhariPAS

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