CSS 2022 Articulate – XIII

CSS 2022 Articulate – 13

Articulate for CSS 2022 by Aamir Mahar

July 2021 (Volume – XIII)

Hot Topics inside β€”
  1. The story of Pakistan’s public debt
  2. The Afghan civil war β€” is Pakistan at the crossroads?
  3. Population and Pakistan’s development
  4. Islamophobia β€” how to encounter the new battle?
  5. Great-Power Competition and Pakistan
  6. Unparalleled belt and road cooperation
  7. Modi’s new strategy on IIOJK
  8. Behind the confrontation between US and China
  9. Artificial intelligence, the Covid recovery & Pakistan
  10. The rise and fall of the Taliban
  11. Endangering global security
  12. Global Impacts of NATO’s 2030 strategy
  13. Global economic war and Pakistan
  14. Russia’s Return to Southeast Asia
  15. Understanding the emerging new world order
  16. Pakistan – Threats and challenges ahead
  17. China’s strides on the World Order
  18. The future of democracy and peace
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