Demystifying The Arab Spring/ Uprisings

The Arab Awakening – Special Series (Al- Jazeera)

  1. Absolute Power
  2. Seeds of Revolution
  3. Libya: Through the fire
  4. The End of a Dictator
  5. Death of Fear
  6. The People Want
  7. The Fall of Mubarak
  8. Tweets from Tahrir

Ten years after the Arab Spring

What happened after the Arab Spring? | Start Here | Al- Jazeera
Gravitas Plus: The Arab Spring at 10 years | Palki Sharma Upadhyay

Following readings have been included:

  • Parsing the differences between Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. Authored by Lisa Anderson in Foreign Affairs, (May/ June 2011)
  • Political Islam after the Arab Spring: Between Jihad and Democracy. Authored by Olivier Roy. Published in Foreign Affairs Magazine, (November/ December 2017)
  • The Arab Uprisings never ended: the enduring struggle to remake the Middle East. Written by Marc Lynch. Published in Foreign Affairs (January/ February 2021)

Download the complete readings from here.

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