Parts of Speech Test

After – later than the time that
Before – earlier than the time that
Once – at the moment when
Since – from the time when
Until – up to the time that
How – the way in which
When – at that time
Where – in the place
While – during the time
Although – in spite of the fact that
Because – for the reason that
If – in the event that
Unless – except; on the condition that
Whether – if it is true or not

  • I will pick you up after the concert.

  • I will have dessert after dinner.

  • I need to finish the dishes before my wife gets home.

  • I have to clean the house before my parents arrive.

  • Call me once you arrive.

  • We can start eating once our guests arrive.

  • I have not seen her since the party.

  • Since he graduated, he has been doing nothing.

  • We cannot eat until everyone gets here.

  • Don’t go anywhere until I come back.