Readings for CSS 2023 (Special)/ 2024 exam

Readings for CSS 2023 (Special)/ 2024 exam

Special readings for CSS 2023 (Special)/ 2024 exam by CSS Exam Desk Team

Hot topics included —

  1. China and the new Middle East
  2. Reviewing Pakistan’s climate action
  3. The Trinity of Taxation in Pakistan
  4. Revisiting National Security Policy 2022-2026
  5. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? (What to do with legacy power purchase agreements?, From gas addiction to green innovation, Energy solution: less, not more, govt)
  6. Artificial Intelligence and the New World Order
  7. Strategic Stability & Nuclear Deterrence In South Asia
  8. Food Security in Pakistan: Historical & Contemporary Perspective
  9. Authority and Democracy: Envisaging Local Government In Pakistan
  10. ON BRICS EXPANSION: BRICS expansion could be a bad idea, A warning to the US, but not a new Cold War, Multipolar world — BRICS vs G7 — spurring return of coups in Africa?, China’s vision for the Global South, BRICS & the future of Chinese influence, Navigating the 21st century requires solidarity not polarity.
  12. NUCLEAR WEAPONS SHOULD BE RELICS OF THE PAST, Diplomacy crucial to ending world’s escalating arms race
  13. AS THE LEGAL BATTLE OVER IIOJK CONTINUES- Historical injustices in Kashmir
  15. Development is for the people
  16. The Economics of Circular Debt
  17. Addressing Pakistan’s trade imbalance
  18. Pakistan’s climate journey in 16 months
  19. Navigating Pakistan’s foreign policy challenges
  20. President Xi’s vision for China-Africa cooperation
  21. Pakistan’s energy policy: foresight versus hindsight
  22. Resurgence of the Global South as challenges escalate
  23. Historical evolution of the Islamic spiritual thought
  24. The Global Security Initiative: Expectations & implications
  25. A decade of CPEC – An Appraisal
  26. A review of Pakistan’s higher judiciary
  27. Pakistan’s Renewal of CISMOA With the US
  28. The Geopolitics of the New India-Middle East-Europe Corridor: Will the US Plan to Counter China’s BRI Work? Pakistan at Crossroads of IMEEC and BRI?
  29. Pakistan’s Climate Change and Food Security Challenges: Climate Change is an Existential Threat?
  30. The Practice & Procedure Act 2023 and the Way Forward
  31. Literacy concerns in Pakistan – Decoding facts
  32. Russia and North Korea: an engagement that displeases US
  33. Understanding the shifts in G20 and beyond: Multilateralism on the rise

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