FIA Act 1974 MCQs & Notes

FIA Act 1974 MCQs & Notes

To download FIA Act 1974 Notes in PDF format, click here. You can also view the syllabus and detailed course outline of FIA Inspector (BS-16) and FIA Assistant Director (BS-17) tests from this link.

Following MCQs are being updated. You’re requested to bookmark this page so that you can check it again before the test day. Thank you

  1. Who was the first director general of FIA appointed in 1974? (a) Muhammad Aslam Hayat (b) Muhammad Yousaf Orakzai (c) Muhammad Azam Qazi (d) Syed Salman Khaliq
  2. Who is the current Director-General of the Federal Investigation Agency -FIA (as of March 2023)? (a) Sanaullah Abbasi (b) Wajid Zia (c) Mohsin Hassan Butt (d) Waseem Akbar
  3. Who is the current Interior Minister of Pakistan? (a) Ahsan Iqbal (b) Rana Sanaullah (c) Khawaja Asif (d) None of these
  4. Which of the following is the head of the Federal Investigation Agency? (a) DG FIA (b) Defense Minister (c) Interior Minister (d) President FIA
  5. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is being monitored by? (a) Ministry of Interior (b) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (c) Ministry of Austerity Measures (d) None of these
  6. FIA Act means: (a) Federal Investigation Agency Act (b) Federal Inquiry Agency Act (c) Federal Investigative Agency Act (d) None of these
  7. Federal Investigation Agency Act, 1974 is also called? (a) VI OF 1975 (b) VII OF 1975 (c) VIII OF 1975 (d) IX OF 1975
  8. FIA Act 1974, printed in the Gazetteer of Pakistan on? (a) 17th January, 1975 (b) 17th December, 1975 (c) 17th December, 1974 (d) 17th June, 1975
  9. This act _____ called the Federal Investigation Agency Act, 1974: (a) Shall be (b) Can be (c) May be (d) None of these
  10. Total Schedule in the FIA Act is/are? (a) 2 (b) 1  (c) 4  (d) 3
  11. Total Sections in the FIA Act, 1974 are? (a) 10 (b) 8  (c)  12 (d) 14
  12. Short title, extent and commencement explained in which section? (a) Section 1 (b) Section 2  (c) Section 4 (d) Section 3
  13. Which section defines that this Act may be called the Federal Investigation Agency Act, 1974? (a) Section 1(2)  (b) Section 1(1)  (c) Section 1 (3)  (d) None of these
  14. Which section defines it extends to the whole of Pakistan and applied all citizens of Pakistan and Public Servants, wherever they may be? (a) Section 1(2)  (b) Section 1(3) (c) Section 1(1)   (d) None of these
  15. Which of the following section defines FIA Act 1974, it shall come to force at once. (a)  Section 1(2)  (b) Section 1(1)  (c) Section 1(3)   (d) None of these

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