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CSS 2021 Explainer – IV

CSS 2021 Explainer – IV


  1. Special Economic Zones (SEZs) of CPEC: Prospects for Pakistan

  2. The Pakistan Resolution: History and Current Relevance

  3. The Secondary Sources of Shari’ah (Islamic Law)

  4. Afghan Election Conundrum and the Peace Process

  5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Warfare

  6. The Myth of Strategic Stability & Instability in South Asia

  7. Coronavirus’ Coup on the Changing World Order

  8. Emerging Implications for the Future of Global Politics

  9. Can Pakistan learn from the current virus challenge?

Special Reports included:

  1. Pakistan-Iran Relations (1947-2019): A Reappraisal

  2. Pre & Post Constitutional Developments in Pakistan

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