CSS 2021 Explainer – VI

CSS 2021 Explainer – VI

CSS 2021 Explainer – VI


Analysed from Dawn Newspaper

  1. Online Learning in Pakistan

  2. Global health crisis amid Covid-19

  3. Global dynamics of US-China relations

  4. Haunting reality of a patriarchal society

  5. The Pandemic of Corruption & its Solution

  6. Educational Reforms in Pakistan, Challenges and Solutions

  7. China-India, Pakistan Borders & its Legal Positions under International Law.

  8. Presenting 2021 Budget under the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA), 2019

  9. Annual Finance Budget of Pakistan, Challenges and Solutions

  10. Justice system in Pakistan is equal for every citizen?

  11. National Finance Commission Award (NFC) Controversies

  12. Prosperity of Pakistan lies in granting federating units their due rights

  13. Digital transformation requires a sound digital governance framework to unleash the full potential of the digital economy.

  14. Government taking online censorship steps but no efforts in implementing digital rights

  15. Forecasted Strategic shift in Afghanistan is lacking key elements thus exposing wrecked economy of Pakistan

  16. Global Warming and Excessive Climate Change- A risk to human lives

  17. Devolution of Power is the road map towards prosperity and national unity in Pakistan.

Special Reports on:

  1. The new world disorder

  2. The dynamics of Sino-US competition

  3. Foundation of the Islamic state of Medina

  4. China in South Asia – Conflicts and Interests

  5. Poverty in Pakistan (Factors, Impacts & Measures)

  6. Science & Technology in Pakistan: Need to reform the structures

  7. Ideology of Pakistan – Past, Present and Future perspectives

  8. Evolution of Democracy in Pakistan (1947- 2020)

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