CSS 2021 Explainer – VII

CSS 2021 Explainer – VII

CSS 2021 Explainer – VII

Special Reports inside:

  1. Geography of Pakistan

  2. The Future of Globalization

  3. Economy of Pakistan 2019-20

  4. The Changing Regional Dynamics

  5. China and Russia: Economic Imbalance

  6. The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO)

  7. Global Conflict – A simplified historical view

  8. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Pakistan

  9. Feudalism in Pakistan: A Pastime of Power, Economic & Political influence

  10. Essay on: Pakistan’s democracy remains a victim of its colonial heritage

  11. Facts and Figures Infographics (on Islamophobia)

To avail the above content, contact with us through ‘Get in Touch’ tab. This subscription will also give you access for the written content and lectures of the compulsory subjects for the upcoming exam of CSS and PMS . Thanks.


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