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CSS 2021 Explainer – V

CSS 2021 Explainer – V


  1. How plagues change the world?

  2. Understanding the theories of class and economy

  3. Ordering the world market (IMF, GATT & the world bank)

  4. Special Report on: Climate change? A simple guide

  5. Are the U.S. and China entering a new cold war?

  6. The changing nature of Chinese diplomacy

  7. Will covid-19 affect the course of Globalisation?

  8. Impact of Coronavirus outbreak on economy of Pakistan

  9. Special Report on: The Khilafat Movement

  10. Educational problems of the third world

  11. Special Report on: Understanding Afghanistan imbroglio

  12. Glitches after historic Afghan Peace Agreement

  13. Climate change & Energy solutions

  14. Why Pakistan needs more provinces?

  15. Special report: National Finance Commission (NFC)

  16. The changing demography of the Indian occupied- Kashmir

  17. Special Report on: A perspective on: Why federalism?

  18. The pursuit of Pakistan’s foreign policy at present

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