GRE Sentence Completions Practice Questions – II

Instructions — • Attempt 25 Questions in 20 Minutes • Students can check the correct answers from the ‘featured comment’ in the comments- section.

Directions — Each of the following questions consists of an incomplete sentence followed by five words or pairs of words. Choose the word or pair of words that, when substituted for the blank space or spaces, best completes the meaning of the sentence.

  1. Though many thought him a tedious old man, he had a ____ spirit that delighted his friends. (A) perverse (B) juvenile (C) meek (D) leaden (E) youthful
  2. ____ , the factories had not closed, and those who needed work most were given a chance to survive during the economic disaster. (A) unintentionally (B) mercifully (C) blithely (D) importunately (E) tragically
  3. There was a ____ all about the estate, and the ____ concerned the guards. (A) pall .. shroud (B) focus .. scrutiny (C) hush .. quiet (D) coolness .. temper (E) talent .. genius
  4. The stubborn families feuded for generations, and ____ feelings are still fixed in their ____ . (A) begrudging .. acceptance (B) bitter .. generosity (C) inimical .. antagonism (D) suspicious .. relief (E) chary .. helplessness
  5. As the archaeologist expected, living conditions in the ancient culture were ____ worse than those of today. (A) awfully (B) surprisingly (C) significantly (D) begrudgingly (E) boldly
  6. Our reunion was completely ____ ; who’d have guessed we would have booked the same flight? (A) illogical (B) fortuitous (C) expected (D) abandoned (E) usurped
  7. There is one ____ thing about them: they have nothing in common and never will have. (A) immutable (B) atypical (C) indiscriminate (D) indigenous (E) alliterative
  8. Always one for a long, pleasant talk, Nancy went on ____ for hours. (A) volubly (B) tiresomely (C) incessantly (D) relentlessly (E) articulately
  9. He should be ____ to complain, since his salary is _ with his productivity. (A) right .. proportionate (B) brought .. balanced (C) foolish .. gratuitous (D) loath .. commensurate (E) entitled .. alleviated
  10. Aamir’s ____ at work is a natural product of his _ nature. (A) wastefulness .. unpleasant (B) thoughtfulness .. rarefied (C) diligence .. sedulous (D) candor .. familial (E) stubbornness .. intrepid
  11. Blustery winds knocked off hats and rattled windows, and the adventurous children were ____. (A) frightened (B) terrified (C) improved (D) anxious (E) delighted
  12. The ____ youngster thought old people should be polite to him! (A) impertinent (B) classless (C) cultured (D) submissive (E) alternate
  13. Wild beasts roamed the deserted country, which had not been ____ for hundreds of years. (A) temperate (B) active (C) winnowed (D) lived in (E) civilized
  14. At night, the inn turned into a theater, not one of actors and actresses, but one of the ____ of real people. (A) sciences (B) psychologies (C) dramas (D) jokes (E) novels
  15. “He who laughs last laughs ____ .” (A) least (B) fast (C) best (D) never (E) softest
  16. For his diligent work in astronomy, Professor Arslan was ____ at the banquet as ____ of the Year. (A) taunted .. Teacher (B) praised .. Lobotomist (C) lauded .. Scientist (D) honored .. Astrologer (E) welcomed .. Administrator
  17. Because of his ____ sense of his own importance, Rehman often tried to ____ our activities. (A) exaggerated .. monopolize (B) inflated .. autonomize (C) insecure .. violate (D) modest .. dominate (E) egotistic .. diffuse
  18. After such a(n) ____ meal, we were all quick to ____ Mahnoor for her delicious cooking. (A) fearful .. congratulate (B) enormous .. console (C) delightful .. avoid (D) heavy .. thank (E) wonderful .. applaud
  19. If you hear the ____ of a gun, don’t worry; it’s only my car backfiring. (A) burst (B) report (C) retort (D) flash (E) volume
  20. He demanded ____ obedience from us and was always telling us we must be ____ subjects. (A) total .. foolish (B) partial .. cringing (C) formal .. rigorous (D) complete .. compliant (E) marginal .. loyal
  21. The ____ of the Titanic could have been avoided if more safety ____ had been taken. (A) tragedy .. precautions (B) embargo .. preservers (C) disaster .. reservations (D) crew .. measures (E) fiasco .. inspectors
  22. We are ____ going to have to face the reality that the resources of Earth are ____. (A) finally .. worthless (B) gradually .. limitless (C) eventually .. finite (D) quickly .. unavailable (E) seldom .. vanished
  23. A native wit, Aneela never ____ for her words. (A) groaned (B) breathed (C) asked (D) groped (E) worried
  24. With ____ a thought for his own safety, Rehan ____ dashed back across the courtyard. (A) even .. quickly (B) scarcely .. nimbly (C) barely .. cautiously (D) seldom .. swiftly (E) hardly .. randomly
  25. As she ____ retirement, Sara became more thoughtful and withdrawn. (A) circled (B) sighted (C) withdrew (D) neared (E) derived

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