GRE Sentence Completions Practice Questions – III

Instructions — • Attempt 17 Questions in 15 Minutes • Students can check the correct answers from the ‘featured comment’ in the comments- section.

Directions — Each of the following questions consists of an incomplete sentence followed by five words or pairs of words. Choose the word or pair of words that, when substituted for the blank space or spaces, best completes the meaning of the sentence.

  1. Her position in the agency authorized her to award contracts and to ____ obligations for payment of expenses. (A) rescind (B) incur (C) procure (D) recur (E) resume
  2. Despite all his courtroom experience, the attorney was able to pry very little information out of the ____ witness. (A) cooperative (B) recalcitrant (C) reactionary (D) presumptive (E) credulous
  3. Although over the years ____ resources had been devoted to alleviating the problem, a satisfactory solution remained . (A) natural .. costly (B) adequate .. probable (C) substantial .. elusive (D) capital .. decisive (E) conventional .. abstract
  4. The team attributes its ____ season to a number of ____ factors. (A) losing .. propitious (B) long .. irrelevant (C) remarkable .. derogatory (D) embarrassing .. optimistic (E) winning .. favorable
  5. While fewer documents are being kept, the usefulness of those ____ is now ____ by an improved cataloging system. (A) printed .. documented (B) discarded .. concurred (C) read .. emblazoned (D) retained .. insured (E) received .. negated
  6. The ____ with which the agent calmed the anxieties and soothed the tempers of the travelers ____ by the delay was a mark of frequent experience with similar crises. (A) evasiveness .. angered (B) reverence .. pleased (C) facility .. inconvenienced (D) mannerism .. destroyed (E) acuity .. accommodated
  7. The lover of democracy has an ____ toward totalitarianism. (A) antipathy (B) empathy (C) equanimity (D) idolatry (E) obstinacy
  8. A ____ of employment opportunities ____ prospective employees entering the job market. (A) surfeit .. impedes (B) paucity .. discourages (C) plethora .. deters (D) dearth .. inspires (E) deluge .. enervates
  9. In truth, ____ has a cost; for every free person we pay with the ____ of fifty others. (A) liberty .. subjection (B) liberalism .. environmentalism (C) capitalism .. punishment (D) independence .. individualism (E) authority .. autonomy
  10. Human survival is a result of mutual assistance, since people are essentially ____ rather than ____. (A) superior .. inferior (B) cooperative .. competitive (C) individualistic .. gregarious (D) physical .. mental (E) dependent .. insensate
  11. For centuries, malnutrition has been ____ in the drought-stricken areas of Africa. (A) impalpable (B) evasive (C) endemic (D) divisive (E) redundant.
  12. Even as they ____ their pledges of support, they secretly planned a betrayal; their actions ____ their words. (A) demonstrated .. echoed (B) confirmed .. reinforced (C) compromised .. precluded (D) reiterated .. belied (E) submitted .. emphasized
  13. The day will come when our ____ will look back upon us and our time with a sense of superiority. (A) antecedents (B) descendants (C) predecessors (D) ancestors (E) contemporaries
  14. Their ____ debate, billed as a(n) ____ of their opinions, was only needless repetition. (A) senseless .. exoneration (B) national .. travesty (C) incessant .. distillation (D) primary .. renunciation (E) final .. clarification
  15. With the ____ of winter storms, all drivers should take extra ____ while on the road. (A) demise .. caution (B) approach .. precautions (C) waning .. care (D) proximity .. leisure (E) duration .. heed
  16. Despite our ____ , Eva ____ the stranger for directions. (A) compliance .. harassed (B) encouragement .. questioned (C) entreaties .. pinioned (D) intentions .. assailed (E) warnings .. approached
  17. The young man was very unlikely to be hired; his appearance was disheveled, slovenly, and ____. (A) tousled (B) harried (C) beleaguered (D) mortified (E) despondent

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