GRE Sentence Completions Practice Questions – I

Instructions — • Attempt 25 Questions in 20 Minutes • Students can check the correct answers from the ‘featured comment’ in the comments- section.

Directions — Each of the following questions consists of an incomplete sentence followed by five words or pairs of words. Choose the word or pair of words that, when substituted for the blank space or spaces, best completes the meaning of the sentence.

  1. The ____ workroom had not been used in years. (A) derelict (B) bustling (C) bereft (D) bereaved (E) stricken
  2. Tempers ran hot among the old-timers, who ____ the young mayor and his ____ city council. (A) despised .. attractive (B) admired .. elite (C) resented .. reforming (D) forgave .. activist (E) feared .. apathetic
  3. With the discovery of a(n) ____ alternative fuel source, oil prices dropped significantly. (A) potential (B) feasible (C) possible (D) variant (E) inexpensive
  4. The product of a ____ religious home, he often found ____ in prayer. (A) zealously .. distraction (B) devoutly .. solace (C) vigorously .. comfort (D) fanatically .. misgivings (E) pious .. answers
  5. Our ____ objections finally got us thrown out of the stadium. (A) hurled (B) modest (C) wary (D) vocal (E) pliant
  6. We should have ____ trouble ahead when the road ____ into a gravel path. (A) interrogated .. shrank (B) anticipated .. dwindled (C) expected .. grew (D) enjoyed .. transformed (E) seen .. collapsed
  7. The ____ of the house, fresh lobster, was all gone, so we ____ ourselves with crab. (A) suggestion .. resolved (B) embarrassment .. consoled (C) recommendation .. contented (D) specialty .. pelted (E) regret .. relieved
  8. ____ mob began to form, full of angry men ____ incoherent threats. (A) An excited .. whispering (B) A listless .. shouting (C) An ugly .. gesturing (D) A lynch .. muttering (E) A huge .. waving
  9. In the ____ downpour, the women managed to ____ us and disappear. (A) ensuing .. evade (B) incessant .. pervade (C) uncouth .. escape (D) torrential .. provoke (E) insipid .. avoid
  10. As a staunch ____ of our right to leisure time, Salman had few ____ . (A) proponent .. friends (B) advocate .. defenders (C) disciple .. rivals (D) defender .. equals (E) opponent .. duties
  11. A single wall still stood in mute ____ to Nature’s force. (A) evidence (B) tribute (C) remainder (D) memory (E) testimony
  12. With the current wave of crime, tourists are ____ to make sure their passports are secure. (A) required (B) invited (C) permitted (D) forbidden (E) urged
  13. Over the ____ of the sirens, you could still hear the hoarse ____ of his voice. (A) babble .. roar (B) drone .. power (C) gibbering .. cries (D) wail .. sound (E) groaning .. whisper
  14. Working _ under the pressure of time, Edmond didn’t notice his ____ mistake. (A) leisurely .. stupid (B) frantically .. inevitable (C) rapidly .. careless (D) sporadically .. simple (E) continually .. redundant
  15. Held up only by a ____ steel cable, the chairlift was ____ to carry only two people. (A) slender .. instructed (B) single .. intended (C) sturdy .. obliged (D) massive .. designed (E) narrow .. appointed
  16. After completing her usual morning chores, Saira found herself ____ tired. (A) surprisingly (B) erratically (C) buoyantly (D) forcibly (E) unceasingly
  17. With a ____ roar, the jet took off from New York on its ____ flight to Europe. (A) deafening .. subterranean (B) thunderous .. transoceanic (C) sickening .. transcontinental (D) frightening .. perennial (E) supersonic .. eventual
  18. The cheerful, lively sound of dance music ____ almost everyone. (A) accosted (B) drained (C) flaunted (D) revived (E) expired
  19. With a(n) ____ grin, Arshad quickly ____ his way through the crowd toward us. (A) infectious .. demolished (B) sappy .. devoured (C) irrepressible .. maneuvered (D) surly .. crawled (E) hapless .. lost
  20. Though a ____ of four campaigns, he had never seen action on the front lines. (A) veteran (B) victim (C) volunteer (D) reveler (E) recruit
  21. The ____ of the early morning light ____ the room, making it larger and cozier at once. (A) brilliance .. shattered (B) softness .. transformed (C) harshness .. transfigured (D) warmth .. disfigured (E) glare .. annihilated
  22. As a(n) ____ of the original team, Rehan had free ____ for all their games. (A) survivor .. advice (B) scholar .. passage (C) institution .. admission (D) organizer .. submission (E) member .. entrance
  23. From his ____ manner, we could all tell that he was of ____ birth. (A) boorish .. noble (B) aristocratic .. humble (C) regal .. royal (D) refined .. common (E) courteous .. illegitimate
  24. The presence of armed guards ____ us from doing anything disruptive. (A) defeated (B) excited (C) irritated (D) prevented (E) encouraged
  25. A careful ____ of the house revealed no clues. (A) dissemination (B) incineration (C) autopsy (D) dereliction (E) examination

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