GRE Sentence Completions Practice Questions – IV

Instructions — • Attempt 17 Questions in 15 Minutes • Students can check the correct answers from the ‘featured comment’ in the comments- section.

Directions — Each of the following questions consists of an incomplete sentence followed by five words or pairs of words. Choose the word or pair of words that, when substituted for the blank space or spaces, best completes the meaning of the sentence.

  1. ____ the activities of her employees, the director refused to ____ their methods. (A) Disarming .. condone (B) Applauding .. question (C) Repudiating .. reward (D) Handling .. oversee (E) Approving .. arrogate
  2. The ____ soldier ____ at the idea that he was to go to battle. (A) luckless .. rejoiced (B) youthful .. retired (C) unwilling .. recoiled (D) frail .. relapsed (E) vigorous .. repined
  3. The ____ treatment of the zoo animals resulted in community-wide ____. (A) curious .. apathy (B) popular .. neglect (C) critical .. distention (D) adequate .. revulsion (E) inhumane .. criticism
  4. Unlike gold, paper money has no ____ value; it is merely a representation of wealth. (A) financial (B) inveterate (C) economic (D) intrinsic (E) fiscal
  5. His untimely death, at first thought to be due to a ____ fever, was later ____ to poison. (A) degenerative .. relegated (B) debilitating .. ascribed (C) raging .. reduced (D) sanguine .. abdicated (E) pernicious .. prescribed
  6. To strengthen her client’s case, the lawyer sought to put the ____ of the witness in doubt. (A) laxity (B) posterity (C) probity (D) onus (E) sensitivity
  7. During the campaign, the politicians engaged in ____ debate, accusing each other of gross misdeeds. (A) capricious (B) acrimonious (C) altruistic (D) facetious (E) chimerical
  8. His carelessness produced a(n) ____ report that left everyone ____ . (A) intelligent .. inept (B) ambiguous .. confused (C) complete .. mollified (D) acceptable .. angry (E) insipid .. inspired
  9. Only a ____ person could be ____ to the suffering of the starving child. (A) churlish .. receptive (B) dour .. disposed (C) placid .. detrimental (D) pious .. uncivil (E) callous .. oblivious
  10. The society was not ____ and required much outside aid. (A) destitute (B) self-sufficient (C) democratic (D) impoverished (E) benevolent
  11. The new regime immediately ____ laws implementing the promised reforms. (A) vouchsafed (B) ensconced (C) augmented (D) promulgated (E) parlayed
  12. The machines were ____ , and because of the below-zero temperature, it was feared they would ____. (A) frozen .. dehydrate (B) brittle .. shatter (C) frosty .. slide (D) icy .. capsize (E) shiny .. expand
  13. A long illness can ____ even the strongest constitution. (A) obviate (B) inculcate (C) bolster (D) enervate (E) disparage
  14. With ____ attention to detail, the careful researcher churned out his reports. (A) prosaic (B) painless (C) meticulous (D) appealing (E) atypical
  15. A shy look from the beautiful Rehana____ him, and soon they were married. (A) released (B) controlled (C) enchanted (D) ensconced (E) jilted
  16. The city ____ to the advancing invaders without firing a single shot. (A) extolled (B) regressed (C) equivocated (D) dissembled (E) capitulated
  17. When the two opposing sides failed to reach a ____ , the long-anticipated strike became ____. (A) consensus .. impossible (B) transition .. general (C) compromise .. inevitable (D) rationale .. culpable (E) precedent .. potential

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